After recognizing limits to existing platforms, such as ads and lack of brand personalization, Wondery wanted to offer listeners a better way to access their content. I led the design of a flagship podcast app, alongside Sam Ramos and Leslie Hernandez, that helped Wondery strengthen its presence as both a brand and a leader in the podcast industry. 

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Areas of Focus



As the official home for Wondery content, we designed this application to elevate the brand to millions of subscribers. We worked closely with the team at Wondery to drive a cohesive brand narrative and designed custom iconography and extensions to the color palette for the UI.

Rich Content

People come to Wondery for premium content, so creating a unique experience for fans of the brand was key. We designed key features that made this app the best place to experience Wondery content. Highlights include video components to complement podcasts, visually rich dashboard and show page designs, bonus content components, and a user-curated library.

Jump back in

An ever-present podcast player, custom playlists, and UI elements that show how much of an episode has been played come together to give users specific context into their listening habits and next steps.


We worked with Wondery prior to them being acquired by Amazon. We were excited to be able to help them present their company as a leader in the podcast industry and set them up well to be noticed by the Internet giant.


Custom icon set.

Reel showcasing the app and it's features. Motion graphics by Josh Watkins.