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An exciting side project incorporated itself into rebranding the SAK Theatre space. SAK wanted to display their shows past and present in the lobby and concession area. I used the idea of "movie posters" to creatively display what makes each show special. We're already passing twelve unique designs and generating great buzz for SAK's many offerings while we're at it.
Twelve of the posters I've designed. More to come. 
Social media buzz. These posters are exposing first-time visitors to all of the shows that SAK has to offer. 
Duel of Fools Poster detail
I used old boxing posters as inspiration for this one. 
The Lottery Poster detail
One of the great things about SAK is their openness to "out-there" ideas. The Lottery is a show where SAK students and guests are selected to perform with the ensemble. I used the story of a UFO picking up a wary traveler who realizes that he's a rockstar once he gets on board to embody the spirit of the show.
Illustration process
Throw Down Poster detail
I was inspired by the player select screen from Street Fighter 2 for the Throw Down poster. SAK players and fans loved the retro style and illustrations. This was a fun one!
Illustration process
Early Show Poster detail
Used a late-night style for this show
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