Branding a Unique Experience
In 2014 I changed the direction of branding Maximized Living's national chiropractic seminars from yearly self-branded campaigns to a unified event brand. I developed a strategy to mine the unique experience that was occurring at Maximized Living seminars: passion, purpose and experience. Becuase this certain type of aura was so unique to the Maximized Living brand, incorporating the company into the new name was a natural fit that would bolster brand recognition on all fronts. I also wanted something simple that could catch on easily throughout various media outlets. Thus, MLX was born. I created this logo and the strategy behind the new direction as one of the last pieces of branding for the company before I left, and it is still in use today.
The logo takes elements of the Maximized Living parent brand and presents a simple and bold invitation to a life-changing experience.
An example of the logo in use. Landing page design by current Maximized Living house team.
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