anything but improvised
SAK Comedy Lab needed a functional website that accomplished their business needs but also provided an accurate picture of their voice and position as a premiere improv institution in the Southeast. From strategy to wireframe to live site, I designed an online home for the brand that focused on growing their ticket sales and class revenue. Since launch the site has made over $630,000 for SAK Comedy Lab. 
The website
Homepage. The UI leads first and foremost to what matters most for the theatre and it's patrons: the shows that are coming up. I designed the site so that purchasing tickets would be a seamless process.
Show calendar for users who want to see what is going on the rest of the month.
Selecting a show on the homepage or show calendar leads to a simple e-commerce interface that guides guest through the purchase process. The transaction is completed and tickets are mailed to guests. These tickets are automatically logged into SAK's database and can be brought up by front-of-house staff using the CMS that I designed for SAK employees.
Administrative and CMS interface. The above feature allows SAK employees to view individual shows and view ticket purchases and statistical information. The CMS also allows SAK to create new shows, update the site and develop classes along with financial management and metrics.
Individual show pages. 
Users can view various statistics of growth
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