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SAK Comedy Lab is an Orlando institution: the premier improv comedy theatre in the Southeast. In 2013, they had a bit of a perception problem. SAK was seen by many as solely a family-friendly entertainment option, yet the theatre itself was offering cutting edge shows that showcased the best of improv comedy and appealed to older demographics. Their university program was also a training ground for budding improvisers whose alumni include Wayne Brady. Yet SAK was having a hard time getting this across. 
I was delighted to take on the challenge of refreshing SAK's brand, because it's a brand I'm passionate about. The project included every single facet of SAK's identity: from establishing a new voice, to developing a modern website and renovating the theatre itself.
Logo refresh
Collateral. The bulk of the early stages in this project were spent developing SAK's irreverent yet approachable voice. We honored the following that had been established while advertising the shows and experiences that were available to older demographics. The collateral I designed reflected this voice and also made sure to highlight SAK's business goals, namely getting the word out about the shows they put on five nights a week.
SAK recently celebrated their 25th Anniversary. Alumni from around the country, including Wayne Brady, came for a weekend of nonstop shows, workshops and events. I designed this typography to commemorate the event. 
There's always something going on at SAK. Above is a selection of digital creative including social media and banner ads. 
On top of the print and digital work that comprised the brand refresh, I also consulted on the renovations to SAK's theatre itself. I provided guidance on how to color the theatre in order to bring the brand that had come to life online into the space, and developed a plan for wayfinding and art (including a couple of amazing murals by improv zen master Bob Kodziz) in order to make the space feel like it was truly the premier improv comedy institution in the Southeast. 
This promotional video shows the renovated space and some of the collateral I designed in action. Video by Small Island Productions.
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