Maximized Living holds three national seminars each year. Until 2013, the seminars were non-branded and had no distinct voice. Attendance began to stagnate, and it seemed that no cohesive action was taking place after these events to make them worthwhile to our client base and to the company. I presented a different way: building a real campaign that would unite every client under a common goal. 
Campaign Strategy & Branding
Action was the word that most strongly influenced me coming out of strategy sessions with a small team. I began to craft an identity around action words that would be relentless throughout the year. Every communication would be about momentum. We conferred with leading members of the network to use the language and received support from everyone at HQ. It was time for execution.
2013 Momentum mission book. These were released at the final event of 2012 to promote the big campaign for 2013. They detailed the shared vision the company was chasing with Momentum and for the first time provided a clear road map for events in the coming year. 
The individual conferences were named using action words that we had developed during strategy sessions. Everything this year was about moving forward and reaching new heights. 
Marketing & Advertising
I was in charge of creative strategy and production for every element of this campaign. Along with a talented team ranging from marketing to videography, we developed a cross-platform campaign that drove higher attendance than the company had seen to date.
Event programs for the three national conferences.
Promotional video for the second conference, Move.
Event Experience
We played these short snippets before general sessions began. Doctors were given action words and asked to explain what the words meant to them.

'Flag' banners for the general session space
I was also in charge of creating unique experiences at the events that tied into the themes. There may have been an overblown push-up contest complete with tongue in cheek posters of the founders of the company taunting their would-be challengers.

The push-up contest got a little intense as students from around the network began posting response videos in preparation for the big day. Humor aside, experiences like these helped unify the diverse group of clients that Maximized Living had. 
In the end, we succeeded in mobilizing the network. Event attendance grew. For the first time our network reached over 500 doctors. The events helped increase growth in both partner clients and franchisees. The focus on action also encouraged doctors to drive results in their own clinics. Most importantly, Momentum set the tone for introducing much-needed brand guidelines to a large scale franchise network.
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