the active wellness brand
From 2011 to 2014 I worked at Maximized Living, a network of wellness centers organized around the idea that you have an active role in  your health. I eventually worked my up from a graphic design position to the Creative Manager for the company, where I had an ability to make a huge impact in the company's brand. By the time I began this project, hundreds of clients had been operating with no brand supervision or guidance. It was my duty to develop guidelines and implement them in a way that made clients excited to adopt them.
I coupled big releases of brand materials with new collateral and informational sessions at the company's conferences in order to increase adoption. 
Website redesign. Unfortunately this design was never published.
Marketing Campaigns
I managed the creation of six annual marketing campaigns that were delivered to over 500 clients. I was responsible for the creative ideas behind each campaign, as well as the execution of all materials both print and digital. I managed a small marketing team in this process, and continually improved content delivery with each new iteration by improving the UI of Maximized Living's client CMS. 
Example marketing themes for a given year
This video explains the marketing toolkits in depth. You can spot me as well
Environmental Design
I was also charged with creating the environmental design for Maximized Living's franchise clinics. I provided creative direction and design on brand and wayfinding pieces that would help the clinic function and tell the story of Maximized Living to patients no matter what office they entered. During each new build I was also responsible for individual site layouts.
I used these "Milestone" tiles to tell the Maximized Living story. I designed them this way so that they could easily adapt to various site layouts, especially for clients who had not built clinics before official specifications were released by our real estate department.
An individual site layout for a Maximized Living clinic
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