Project Goals
What began as a simple consumer-facing website turned more interesting once stakeholders requested a voting system to allow them to induct new nominees into the Academy. My development partner and I adjusted our project scope, interviewed stakeholders and began wire-framing.
Early wireframes
Brand and Visual Design
I designed a simple, clean interface with blues and greens that evoke the natural beauty of Florida. The design gets straight to the point of making connections between academy member and the state.
I was pleased to offer a copywriting structure for the main hero element of the site. I framed the organization as a group of change makers who ask the right questions to address Florida’s challenges.

Walkthrough of the public side of the site.

Designs on mobile

Voting System
The voting system ended up being developed as a CodeIgniter application that integrated seamlessly with the WordPress CMS we used in the public facing portion of the website. I designed the system to accommodate three tiers of users, a complex schedule with multiple voting windows, a full member directory and nomination/referral forms.
Once development was completed, we transitioned the site to a technology team at UCF for weeks of UAT.

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